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As an Orlando veterinarian I often have people that come to me asking for help and advice about how to help their cat get used to a new pet in the house. This is especially tricky when the new pet is a dog. However happy you and your cat are there are always things that arise that can cause problems. Let's say you get a dog. It is very normal for cats to get annoyed and jealous of a new dog that has come in to invade what they consider to be their territory. Dogs are by nature much more boisterous and active and not necessarily respectful of a cat's space. To avoid your cat having to many troubles make sure that your cat's house is in an area available only to your cat, not to the dog. Don't be alarmed if your cat moves out of the house for a time. Another problem that can arise is if you have very young children. Cats have very sharp claws and the child will inevitably be scratched if they do something that the cat doesn't like and could be put off cats for life. If you have an older cat that has been used to children and will put up with fur being stroked the wrong way etc. and will walk away when they have had enough then you may be able to avoid this problem. When people come to my Orlando veterinarian clinic I always make sure to point out to them that children should always be taught to treat animals properly and not as if they are toys or things to be used in anyway they want.

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