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I recently had to go to a Philadelphia veterinarian to get some help and advice on how to deal with a problem that I was having with my pet every time there was lightning and thunder.
Whenever a thunderstorm would happen my dog would just absolutely go bonkers. He would begin to chase his tail round and round and bark wildly. We tried many different ways to help him and sometimes we succeeded in keeping him somewhat distracted but usually he would just go wild.
Not only was this a problem because of the noise and disturbance that he caused not only us but also the neighbors but he was also completely out of control when under the effects of his hysteria. This dog had not been with us from puppy hood so we are not sure exactly what had happened or why he reacted this way to the sound of thunder. But regardless of why this was happening we lived in an area that was subjected to frequent thunderstorms and the fact was that we just couldn't bear it any more and wanted some help. Really though the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was that we were trying for a time to keep our dog inside an enclosed shed while the thunderstorms occurred but one morning when we went to let him out we were taken aback by a horrendous sight; there was blood everywhere. It seems that in his madness he had managed to bite his own tail and then his spinning round and round had sprayed blood his everywhere.
After that we took him to our Philadelphia veterinarian and all though we still are having problems, we do have hopes that there is a solution in sight.

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