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I had no problem finding a good veterinarian here in Pittsburgh to treat my Budgie that had started to molt heavily. At first it was just losing a feather here and there but nothing that caused me any concern, since birds normally lose a few feathers all the time, which then grow back.
It turned out that the presence of my brother's cat in the house was causing my budgie undue stress and that stress was what caused the molting. Unfortunately for my budgie and me my brother's cat has an inbuilt condition that made him incompatible with my Budgie's life. There were times when I just absolutely hated this cat especially this one time after he had killed a baby bird. But the fact that he killed birds once in a while at ate them wasn't what made me decide to get rid of him. What happened was that I wanted to install a bird feeder in my back yard that by the way overlooked a wildlife sanctuary. I had been planning for a while to have this bird feeder put up so that I could photograph the birds with ease from the back of my own house. As I got serious with the plans for my new bird feeder I realized that all I would be doing would be serving up some new meals for this cat.
I had started the treatment prescribed by the Pittsburgh veterinarian but never got to see the results. That infernal cat ended up eating my budgie and well now I don't have to worry about it molting anymore.

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