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A veterinarian in Portland Oregon gave me some very good information about having a cat house in your home with a dog as a pet as well. With a cat it is extremely important that if you put the cat house up high that you attach it securely. Having the cat house up high is usually preferred by cats, as they love climbing and jumping. It is especially important to have your cat up high if you have both a dog and cat in the house. Most people believe falsely that dogs are born with a genetic hatred for cats. The fact is that most dogs are imprinted with the desire to chase prey and cats as small animals fit perfectly into this category. With patience and hard work you can usually train your new pet dog to live peaceably with and even like your cat. Certain dogs are bred for their hunting abilities whereas other breeds are laid back and unbothered by the killer instinct. This small test will help you better understand the extent of your dog's inbuilt reaction to "prey." Begin by tossing one of your dog's favorite toys across the room. Watch his reaction. Does he ignore the toy? Does he run to retrieve it and simply bring it back to you? Or does he chase the toy, attacking, chewing and shaking it? If your dog responded by ignoring the toy then his "prey drive" is low. If he retrieved the toy then he would get a medium rating but if he pounced on the toy and proceeded to "kill and eat" it then his "prey drive" is very high. The Portland Oregon veterinarian went on to explain that even dogs with a high prey drive can be taught to be respectful of house hold cats.

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