Veterinarian Rochester New York -Veterinary

Here in the Rochester New York area we have a veterinarian clinic that devotes itself almost entirely to fish. Different fish have different needs. It is our job as caregivers to see that these needs are being met. All fish, from the common Goldfish to the unique African Cichlids need variety in their diets.
Feeding fish is an area where many people go wrong. It's all too easy to kill fish with kindness. Overfeeding is guaranteed to pollute the tank and kill its inhabitants.
In the wild, fish eat whenever they feel like it, and whenever they can find food. It's ideal to offer very small amounts (no more than can be eaten in 30 seconds) several times a day. For those pressed for time, the traditional twice daily feeding should be gone in a minute or two maximum, with no extra floating around.
A community aquarium should get a high quality basic flake everyday and a high quality frozen food such as bloodworm or brine-shrimp everyday or every other day. Predators should be fed with pellets and frozen foods with the occasional live food, if you can get some. It can sometimes be a problem if they are only used to eating live food, but try to get them onto a mixed diet, as it's better for them. Medium to large South and Central American cichlids need large pellet food and lots of meaty frozen foods. If you are keeping fancy goldfish, they should be fed a mix of color-enhancing and vegetable-based pellets. The sinking kinds are best. Once a week give them some steamed white rice. It's good for keeping on the weight and avoiding balance problems. You can also always get more help from the Rochester New York veterinarian clinic.

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