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The warm weather here in San Diego means that a veterinarian has to be prepared to work with a much wider range of pets. People that live in colder climates have to keep pets that can handle the lower temperatures but here a the San Diego veterinarians need to have knowledge of and experience with not only the more traditional pets, such as dogs, cats, fish and birds but also the more exotic types of pets. While dogs are still the number one choice of pet for people all over the world and cats take the number two spot, there are other pets that are in some cases becoming more and more common. For example; dogs and cats account for 95% of all pet sales but the other 5% is made up of a wide and diverse variety of animals, some cute and cuddly and some not. Some of these animals have been considered house hold pets for a long time, for example fish, Budgies and Canaries but others of these pets are newer and often still raise eye-brows, like reptiles, amphibians and rodents. Any animal regardless of species should only be purchased from a reputable pet shop and should have a certificate of origin so that you can be sure that it wasn't caught in the wild. By doing this you will be helping to combat the illegal poaching and trade of wild animals that often results in the untold suffering and even death of many thousands of animals every year.

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