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People often come into our Sarasota veterinarian clinic looking for advice on feeding their fish and caring for their aquariums. A lot of aquarists, especially those interested in breeding their fish, will either collect or culture live food animals. The obvious choice, especially for fishermen, is earthworms. They can be kept in damp shredded newspaper, until their guts empty of dirt, and then fed to large fish. For small fish, chopping is necessary - not a pleasant prospect for the squeamish. Various sizes of earthworms can be purchased at fishing bait shops, caught in gardens, or cultivated in cool containers.
Whiteworms and grindal worms are smallish creatures, appropriate for most adult fish. They are cultivated in cool containers (even fridges!) on a grain based diet (bread, baby cereal, oatmeal, etc.)
Blackworms can be bought in some larger petstores. Speak to the employees for tips on keeping these worms healthy over the few days you'll need to feed them all to your fish.
You may also find live adult brine shrimp, an expensive treat for your fish, but one they will appreciate.
Microworm cultures can sometimes be found. These tiny worms, grown in cornmeal or baby cereal, are excellent food for fry.
Tubifex worms can be caught in flowing water. They are a controversial catch, as they often come from polluted water, and thrive around sewage. Some hobbyists rinse them heavily, and watch their catfish go wild eating them, while other people prefer to avoid them as a health risk for their fish.
One fresh food type that is often readily available in all standing water is mosquito larvae, a highly nutritional live food with only one drawback. Feed the larvae to your fish quickly before they metamorphose into hungry adult mosquitoes!

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