Veterinarian Seattle -Veterinary

The Seattle veterinarians are a great bunch of guys and gals that will do whatever they possibly can to help out an animal in distress and I for one have a very personal appreciation for this fact.
My German Shepherd was getting old and with each passing month his health just seemed to worsen with one ailment after another.
One thing that I have learned over the years is not to panic when my dog starts to heave and vomit. Usually the dog is simply trying to clean out his digestive system. In fact if you have ever seen your dog eat grass you should know that this is the very reason why he is eating it as the grass induces vomiting.
One thing you should beware of is that dogs often try to eat their own vomit. So if you do see your dog heaving, vomiting or eating grass you should be prepared to clean it up right away to avoid this dirty and distasteful habit. If your dog continues vomiting then you should most definitely take him to a professional, especially if your dog is vomiting blood or any other colored fluids. Make sure that if your dog is not well that he always has plenty of liquids and if he appears sick check his stools for consistency and content and any vomit as well. Well after visiting my local Seattle veterinarian clinic they did a full check up on my dog to try and figure out why it was vomiting so much and they discovered that it had a twisted intestine. Now after treatment my German Shepherd is doing better and eating without problems.

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