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As a grief counselor associated with a local Tampa veterinarian clinic I have come to think that one of the most difficult job requirements of a veterinarian is helping people deal with the loss of a pet. This is especially true with certain companion pets such as dogs, cats and birds but I have also had people have a very difficult time dealing with the loss of lizards, serpents, mice, rats and other non-traditional pets.
There comes a time in the life of every living creature when the trials of life have reached their end. After living so many years with your pet you may feel that that day has just arrived to soon. However when your pet is on death's door you should remind yourself of all the good times you spent together and not think of the loss you will be experiencing but rather of the gain your pet brought into your life. Often your pet will simply move on without you having any conscientious choice in the matter. However there will be times when your pet is suffering or has an illness from which there is no recovery and your veterinarian may suggest euthanasia. The procedure is painless for your pet and rapid. Dealing with the death of a family member or friend is never easy and it is the same with pets. Feelings of loss and sadness are common but do not let them overshadow the joy and happiness you both experienced together while your pet was alive. There are support groups to help bereaved pet owners cope with the loss they feel.
With time the most important things that should remain are the memories of a loving and true friend. One way to deal with your loss is by getting a new pet to care for and share your life with.

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