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With a veterinarian clinic in Ventura California I have to stay on top of all the latest information concerning feed for a wide range of animals. Fish though are one of my favorites. The range and quality of flake fish foods on the market today is great for both our animals and their keepers. Flake isn't perfect, but it comes pretty close. For the average aquarist, it's at the heart of a balanced feeding regime. There are a few things you can do to get the best for your fish from a flake food diet. To begin, freshness is important. Big bulk containers may be attractive, but the average hobbyist is better buying several small containers, feeding the different types of flake in rotation, and not leaving it to sit and become stale or lose vitamins. It would be an error to rely on one type of staple food, and nothing else, when there is so much variety available. Color enhancing food, vegetable food, growth food - all have their places depending on what type of fish you keep. Pellets, wafers and stick food are variations on flake, simply delivered in different formats. Each has its specific uses. Pellets come in a variety of sizes, and are excellent for fish that like to strike at their food. They allow a fair bit of control over the amount of food going into the tank. Wafers are most popular among catfish keepers, especially those who keep veggie loving Loracarids. Sticks are popular for large fish, especially cichlids. To feed large fish enough flake would be messy, and a potential pollution problem, while food sticks are easier for both the fish and its keeper. The process of freeze-drying leaves us with some excellent options for feeding surface-oriented fish. Bloodworms and tubifex cubes are the most common, as these animals can easily and effectively be preserved in this fashion. An excellent, though rare freeze-dried treat is mosquito larvae.

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