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My veterinarian practice here in Washington DC is both challenging and time consuming. I never realized that opening a Washington DC veterinarian clinic would have such a tremendous impact on my life. In every way my life is different now that I have this responsibility and though it is enjoyable, at times I wish things would slow down a little so that I could have more time to enjoy the passing days. The other day a little girl brought her pet bird in for a check up. Due to a recent spell of abnormally cold weather her bird had become sick with a cold. Most people don't realize just how susceptible birds are to getting sick and in specific catching colds. It is very important that birdcages not be put in a location that is exposed to drafts of either hot or cold air and wet birds should never be allowed to become chilled. Well this little girl was so concerned about her little bird and its health and it was so sweet to see her fretfulness over its happiness and well being. After treating the little bird and sending a happy relieved little girl home I couldn't help but stop for a moment and reflect on how I have been handling not only my animal patients and their owners but also my own life and personal interactions with those I meet every day in my Washington DC veterinarian clinic. Am I showing the tender concern of a care giver or just the hurried business like attention of a harried technician? I made a commitment to try and be more like the first in every way possible.

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