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As a veterinarian in West Palm Beach I often come across people interested in getting insects or spiders as pets and I always give them the information found below. Insects and spiders can be fascinating to watch. They are extremely quiet, clean pets that do not need much room to live. Insects and spiders also require little attention or socialization (in fact, they generally do best with little interaction). However, before deciding on an insect or spider as a pet, look at your reasons for wanting this kind of pet. If you are just looking for a pet that is unique or "cool," or for a pet to impress or shock your friends, think again. Insects and spiders are unique and while they are not overly demanding in their care, you must make the same level of commitment to caring for them as any other pet. Too many owners get pets on impulse and once the novelty wears off they tire of caring for them.
If you are just starting out with an insect or spider, you are best off choosing a species that is neither delicate nor dangerous. Perhaps the ultimate beginner insect would be the hissing cockroach - they are easy to care for and as a rule are pretty docile and lack serious weapons (not venomous, don't sting, etc.). Some tarantulas are also acceptable for beginners, such as the Chilean rose, Mexican Redleg, or Costa Rican Zebra. These species are not terribly venomous and are fairly docile compared to some other tarantulas (their venom is akin to bee venom, perhaps, although the venom can provoke an anaphylactic reaction). No veterinarian here in West Palm Beach or elsewhere would be responsible if they didn't add that; if you have children, most insect pets fall into the "look but don't touch" category, mostly because they are too fragile for all but the most gentle handling.

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