Golden Retriever Dog Shows

Everything Involved With the Show: Currently, a canine world with out dog shows would be unthinkable. In them you can find trainers, breeders, people interested in dogs, potential puppy buyers and sports people with dogs. In more important dog shows they also offer the latest in dog equipment and food. Many dog owners go to the shows to obtain a professional opinion on their dog's appearance, regardless of if they want to reproduce or not. Dog Kennel competition in the different categories is big, therefore you shouldn't go to the show with too many expectations or ambitions because you will most probably suffer a big blow. Many experienced exhibitors can correctly evaluate what is the best age for your dog and they will know it is this when his fur is in his best state and he is in perfect condition. Therefore, if in the judge's report you'll find paragraphs like: "... still immature, needs time for his evolution...", don't get sad; simply take your dog back a couple months later because by then his aspect might have improved but in every show you can learn new things, from the way to present the dog in his best posture to the way he should move about. Your dog will also gain experience; allow him some insecurity when he participates in a show for the first time. The path leading towards the stage can produce stress because he has to pass by a couple hundred dogs of different breeds. More assiduous dogs are already used to it; they aren't affected, or at least they don't show it. Many times it has been noticed that near the stage the dogs are calm and hardly any of them ever bark.

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