Golden Retrievers Health Care

We all want a healthy dog, who goes to the vet only when he needs his shots. In fact, everybody in your family can pitch in to make this possible; or, conversely, to hinder his health. It all depends how well you work together as a family and follow the health rules that you have established and the ones that the vet has given you.

The Visits to the Vet: To efficiently accompany the labor of the vet, you should get used to observing your dog in his day-to-day life. That way you will easily be able to notice changes in his behavior that might give you reasons to worry. It's reasonable to take your dog to the vet when he's 8 to 10 weeks old. Until the next visit, when he's about 12 months old, he has to receive his necessary vaccines. A dog who had good experiences at the vet's when he was young will almost always go back to the vet's without any stress or worries.

If your Golden is not well, you can cooperate with the vet by answering the following questions they normally ask the owners:

  • What kind of changes? Since when?
  • Are his feces and urination normal? (it might be good to take some samples)
  • Have there been any changes in his diet?
  • Is he drinking enough liquid?
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