What to do when a Golden Retriever Puppy Arrives Home

From the moment that you sign the contract and paid the price for the dog, he is yours along with the related rights and obligations. Over the next few months the funny little puppy will become a canine personality, which you have to help form.

When Going to Pick Him up for the First Time: Most people unusually pick their puppy up in their car. However you decide to do so, it is always best to go with someone. Before anything, with your family agree who will accompany you and take care of the puppy during the journey. A family that is always arguing will not be a nice experience for the new member. The best place in the car for the pup to go is on the floor of the fellow traveler's seat. Another alternative could be in his laps. The back seat is not appropriate at this moment because at any turn, he can roll over and certainly get hurt or, at least, shaken up. It is extremely important that your puppet's first journey is a nice and enjoyable one. If the journey is longer and you are obligated to make a stopover, you will need to have a collar and leash to walk him as the noise in a busy parking lot and everything else around him might make him try to run away frightened, putting him in obvious danger. With the breeder, arrange when you're going to go over, that way he won't feed the puppy before his departure. If you pick him up in the early morning, he'll have all day to get to know his new home. If you go by plane or train, as a norm you have to transport him in a special box, and the breeder can prepare him with anticipation. In this case it's also advisable to put a blanket with a familiar scent in the box.

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