Will a Golden Retriever Adoption fit my Lifestyle

A large dog breed like the Golden Retriever can not be left alone for one whole day. An older dog may get used to your absence for four or five hours. But when you return home, he needs your total and complete attention and a long walk, of about 2 to 3 hours every day. Daily outings will provide your dog with the necessary physical exercise, but he also needs exercises to put his mind to work.

Your daily routine and activities will definitely change when a Golden becomes part of your life. Are your children and spouse ready and willing to cooperate and pitch in? Bear in mind that your circle of friends might also change. With time some of your friends will simply drift away from you and your new "hobby". Not all hosts appreciate dog hairs and paw marks on their clothes and furniture; but, as compensation, you will meet lots of other people who share the same interest: "your dogs".

Every time his fur changes, your Golden loses heaps of hairs, which pile up in every corner of the house, possibly causing health problems to allergic people. Before getting your dog, it is a good idea to find out if anybody at home is allergic as keeping the Golden in a cage would no be a solution because he's a dog that needs family contact. You don't need to keep the Golden busy 24/7, he also needs time to rest, but for him his communication with humans is important. This also goes for vacations. Are you willing to modify your vacation plans according to the needs of your new partner?

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