Golden Retriever Puppy's Development in First (1st) Year

After 4 or 5 months the furry ball has become an ungainly young dog, whose long legs and exaggeratedly long tail don't seem to correspond to his torso. In your dog's once round head, the nose starts to developing outwards, and the ears seem to reach the floor. But don't worry, this will get normal. A Golden Retriever's growth, as with many other breeds, is usually irregular; there will be weeks when your dog's hind legs look taller than the front ones. After a few weeks, the hind legs will grow out and he will look normal again. Precisely in the second quarter of his life, the Golden develops the fastest. On average, he gains about 2 pounds a week, and, at 5 months and weighing 10-12 pounds, you won't be able to carry him in your arms any more.

In the stage where he grows the most his bones and joints are very prone to injuries, and therefore, you have to avoid demanding too much from your dog. Especially make sure that your puppy doesn't brake abruptly when running or that he hops down the stairs. At this moment, he has to practice going up the stairs, but on a leash and controlling him. And when driving, even though this might not be to your liking, drive at a reasonable speed and don't go for such long distances – make occasional stops.

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