Dog obedience training equipment


So you have it all planned out; your going to buy that Rottweiler because your are sure that it will only add to your macho good looks and will without question attract the girls for miles around.
Well we've got some breaking news for you. While it is true that Rottweilers are big and beautiful they also drool a bathtub full on a hot day, require a giant amount of time and attention and will eat a horse and a half every couple of days. So unless you are prepared to be weight lifting bags of dog food, playing mommy to your slobbering pooch and being pulled and yanked all the way around the park while out on your daily walk maybe you need to rethink just why it is you want a dog.
Getting even a small dog is not like buying a computer. You can't just bring it home, plug it in and expect it to operate smoothly. Bringing a dog into your house is more like extreme sports. Unless you are well prepared you are going to end up with a few broken bones at the very least. While a dog may not break any of your bones it could end up breaking quite a few of your beloved household antiques, chewing up your brand new Italian leather shoes and taking a big dump on your way to expensive Persian carpet.
If you think we are exaggerating then you probably need to look into getting another kind of pet.
A dog is by no means a "creature comfort." A dog is a being, an alive, breathing, thinking, emotional and demanding being, maybe even more so than your last lover.
You should never make a snap decision about getting a dog or buy a dog for someone as a surprise present. Dogs need time and attention or else they suffer.
Remember that dogs are by nature pack animals and if you leave your dog home five days of the week from nine in the morning until eight at night and then are gone also on the weekend you are going to have a emotionally disturbed individual on your hands.
If your dog is acting in a destructive manner or barking like a lunatic for hours on end it is possible that you have brought this behavior on yourself due to a lack of quality time with your dog.
Imagine having a baby and then just leaving it home all day every day? Not only would you not consider it but would detest anyone who did. Yet many people feel fine about getting a dog before really understanding or taking into consideration all of the repercussions.

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