Learn How to Groom a Dog. Techniques for Grooming Your Dog

New dog owners realize the need to know how to groom a dog and that grooming your dog is possible if you have the correct techniques. Groomers are aware of the care their new dog's coat is going to require. They must then pay to learn how to groom their dog or have in done professionally. Many dog breeds require specific and periodic grooming as well as getting bathed. If this responsibility is not going to be taken care of, don't get a dog. This dog grooming course offers information on how to take care of your dog's coat and hair and we teach certain basic techniques that will be useful and that will allow you to take care and pamper your dog in the best way possible. Keep in mind though that home grooming does notsubstitute the work of the professionals. The information offered in this site is something that will help complement your dog's care. These techniques are offered for the dog owner to do in between the dog's real grooming sessions. Remember that a dog that is well taken care of from the start is easier to take care of in the long run and it is also cheaper and beneficial for both the dog and the owner.

The importance of dog grooming

Dog products

Grooming while educating your dog

Dog coat and skin products

Good-looking dogs

After bath dog products

A dog's coat

Dog grooming accessories

A dog's hair

Dog grooming tools

A dog's coat

Dog grooming equipment

Dogs with stiff and smooth coats

Basic dog grooming

Dogs with semi long, long and dry hair

Taking care of your dogs ears

Dog hygiene

Caring for your dog's anal glands

Psychological side of dogs

Cleaning your dogs teeth

Teaching a dog to get used to grooming

Basic dog grooming techniques

Dog grooming precautions

Adequate dog grooming

A dog's first grooming session

Dog grooming with scissors

Dog bath time

Use care when grooming

Bathing a dog

Dog haircutting with an electric trimmer

Drying your dog's hair

Electric clippers

Untangling knots and drying a dog's hair


Dog grooming styles

Cutting the dog's hair with scissors

Upkeep & Grooming of a dog: A dog that is not properly taken care of is very likely to get sick, smell bad, get parasites, gingivitis and the list goes on and on. Besides this, it is also important to point out the fact that some breeds have developed, in some cases centuries ago, a coat and look that goes according to the place they live in. Therefore the upkeep of the dog's coat and hair is indispensable in order for our dogs to stay healthy. All dogs, no matter what breed, need and must be taken care of. Obviously the kind of grooming and care you will give your dog's coat and hair will depend on the type of breed and if it has long hair, curly hair, silky hair etc , but there are some things that apply to all dogs and that is checking and cleaning its eyes, ears, teeth, nails, and anal glands.

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