Train Dog to "Lie down"

The dog that knows the order of sitting will also "lie" . A given order in this case is "lie down". Although, when you want to send it back to it's place in the house you'll have to say "back to your place!". The dog is seated next to its trainer, who squats down and invites the dog to lie down with a treat, which he/she moves along the floor in front of the dogs' nose, and praises it if the dog follows it's orders. The visual order will be an outstretched arm, extended downwards. When the dogs has finished eating it, it is ordered to once again sit up.

If the dog refuses to lie down, you can use the trick of a "submissive reflex". The dog will be seated in front of a stool. Then you will pass it a treat, but through under the stool, the dog will then have no other choice but to go underneath. Just then you can give it the treat at the same time of the order. In stead of using a stool, the trainer can also make it go underneath its legs. If it wants to get back up, keep it laying down by giving it another treat.

To lie down and stay that way: Once it got the point of "lie down", it will go on to learn how to "lie and stay". It should learn how to stay down, even if the trainer walks away, it should wait for him/her to give the order.

Given the order, the dog is to stay lying down. It's attention should be fixed over it by stimulating it with special treats, and is given the order to stay there. You will also use the visual signs over it using your hand over it's face. Then the trainer will walk away a couple meters and the returns to it's side.

If the dog stays down, it'll be rewarded with a treat. At the end of this, make the dog sit down again and then stand up.

The trainer will go over this exercise, each time getting a little further away from the dog, with out it going further than the length of the leash. It'll praise the dog and continue to practice this exercise until there are no more setbacks.

The exercise of "stay seated!", can be practiced the same way.

Training Exercises: The training exercises are very important because when in dangerous situations, the dog should obey direct orders. Besides, good manners make the dog pleasant to be around. If it obeys your orders, you an take it anywhere, even to the city or a restaurant. During the exercises you shouldn't go without praising it when it's done something good. Revoke the orders –the best is to always use the same expressions, such as, "come"- obligating the dog to first sit and then making it run and play. "Quiet!"

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