Train Dog to be Quiet

The order "quite", should be given when the owner has to go out and leaves the dog in a room. In this case the dog should be relate it to the "laying" position and stay still.Training: you make the dog lay down, as mentioned before, then you put your right hand over its face and order it, by saying "quiet!". Having done this the trainer will move away little by little and walk from side to side, ignoring the dog. If the dog stands up again, make it go back to the place it was in and again giving it the order, "quiet!". Repeat the exercise, making the distance between you and the dog longer each time, and walk behind it every once in a while, where it can't see you.

When the dog has finally obeyed the order and stays in a laying position, the trainer will be able to get away for a short period of time.

"To your place"

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