Train Dog to "Stand and Sit"

When its owner stops, the dog should sit, without having to give the dog and order. This is very important specially when crossing streets. The owner of the dog will hold the leash on the left hand and take the special treat on its right, walk slowly and then stop. It is possible that the dog will sit without a command, to be able to see the treat better. This is the time to tell it "sit" and then reward it.

If the dog will not sit slightly give the collar a tug downwards, without saying a word, until it does it. Then it should be parallel with it owner and keep its head high. Let loose the leash little by little while praising it by saying "very good". After a couple of seconds of waiting, the exercise should conclude with a praise.

This exercise will only be through with if the dog really stays seated. Otherwise contrary to this you will interrupt it with a "no" and start over again. The more precise and rigorous are the procedures, the better you will take the dog into developing exercises in the way of a ritual (and dogs are lovers of rituals).

This exercise can go along with a signal that indicates it to sit; you can use your index finger, by raising it, which is gives it to understand and goes along with the order to "sit!".

The sequential procedure of " go-come-stand-sit", should be done with every walk. Before crossing a street you make the dog sit down, then use the order "go" and cross. Cross quickly, when you have crossed, tell the dog to sit down again. This way it'll realize that the exercise is over in the moment its done crossing the street, and it'll be attentive.

"Lie down"

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