Train Dog to "Tied up"

The dog should go on the left side of its owner. The owner should hold it with the right hand and the dog situated on the left. Try to take a treat for it i your right hand to motivate the dog by making it smell it. Its time to get going; at the order of "on the side", the dog will accompany you gladly. You must praise it for its good behavior but without reducing your pace. In this case it doesn't matter if its "front a paws or at the same height as its owners legs", as its indicated in the training manuals. What is important is that it can run freely without having to pull on the leash. After a couple meters the owner will stop, order the dog to sit and reward it. You will repeat this exercise along it walk, changing direction and pace, without having to give it a concrete order. Since the leash passes from right to left in front of it, the owner can stimulate the dog with treats so the dog can follow. All of this should flow smoothly, for which the dog will have fun and happily accompany its owner. Once it got over this phase the exercise will be amplified.

"Stand and Sit"

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