When a dog attacks for no apparent reason. Will dog attack?

When a dog attacks for no apparent reason: Believe it or not, not only do un-socialized, and wrongly trained dogs attack. There are certain medical or psychological problems that can cause a perfectly trained dog to become aggressive toward other dogs, other people, or even toward the owner himself. Some female dogs become aggressive, growl, and even bite after having given birth. Usually this defensive attitude is produced by maternal instinct and it normally stops when the level of the female dog's hormones goes back to their normal state. There are occasions in which a female dog attacks its own puppies because she feels threatened by intruders. If a female dog becomes bothered by people being near her puppies, the best is to leave her and the puppies alone. Some breeders take the puppies from the mother and take care of the puppies without the mother. When a female dog reacts in a violent way, it's best not to allow the puppies near her again. There are occasions in which a dog attacks for no apparent reason. It's possible the dog will attack another dog or a human with no warning or by just looking at the person or dog. A few seconds later, the dog will go back to his normal state and become docile, that is until it happens again. The causes for this type of behavior are still unknown, but it could be related in cases of dogs that are extremely dominating, and it is known that part of it is hereditary. A dog that attacks for no apparent reason is extremely dangerous, and even more so if there are children living in the same house. In some cases, intense conduct training and therapy can help the dog, but usually the only solution is to sacrifice the dog. Old age is another thing that can alter the behavior of a dog. Some dogs become grumpy and aggressive with age. These types of dogs will bite at the air as if giving a warning to not touch him or bother him. If you have an older dog in your home, try to treat him as gently as possible and remember that an older dog's articulations and muscles are not as strong and flexible as they used to be.

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