A Balanced Dog Diet

Eating too much will make it fat and eating wrong will make it sick, these laws go for both humans and animals. This means you must supply your dog with a balanced diet, having the right proportions of nutrition, such as -proteins, lipids and carbohydrates; vitamins and minerals, which are essential. As for the quantity, you need to calculate and make sure that your dog is neither too fat, nor to skinny. When the dog's food is prepared at home it's not always easy to calculate the right amounts. Specialized bibliographies offers you information about how many calories you should be giving your dog, be it large or small.

An ideal canine nutrition requires: 30% protein, 5% lipids, 5% of pure fiber and 50% maximum of carbohydrates. Also a 2% of calcium and phosphorus (to substitute the preys bones). All of these substances already come in prepared food, it has the specific measurements ( read the indications on the labels).

When dogs eat excrement: this behavior means it has a problem with gastritis. Hyperacidity causes the natural need for acid neutralizing alkaline substances, and drives the dog to scavenging (it's wolf ancestors buried meat) or to excrement, were the acidic protein has turned to alkaline ammonia. Frequent grass ingestion and the corresponding regurgitation constitutes another try to neutralize stomach acids.

Canine Diet

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