A Correct Education for Dogs

"At ease with the leash"
Making the dog get out of the habit of pulling on the leash, is very hard. You must use any form of education that suits you best to correct it. The dog must know that when it is tied up it means it will be close to its owner. The owner should react (stop moving or change direction) when the dog pulls on the leash even if it is just a slight pull. This way the dog will learn how to go back, this way the dog will learn how to come back and keep the same pace as its owner and with a praise will follow along the same direction. If it associates itself being tied up in a comfortable way with an audible order (such as "slow down"), the dog will not hesitate in reacting adequately.

You can also use a tap on the head, which is very effective in correcting its pulling on the leash

The Teckle that bites.
A young couple found out that the dog was acting out when they tried take away the food plate away. It would growl and sometimes bite them. This behavior is completely natural. The error of the young couple was that at the start of the relationship they did not show who was the superior rank. In a pack the one who was a higher rank is able to take the food away of one of a lower rank, which is evident in repeated punishments. The teckle had never been punished and was very independent, found its own place to sleep, first underneath, and then on top of its owners bed. In the future the husband could not even get close to its spot because the dog would bite him. Their marriage was in a desperate state; they went to a veterinarian and he explained the way to neutralize its actions with punishments. They regained their place back in only two weeks. From then on the dog lives peacefully with the family.

"Tied up"

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