Dangerous Dog and its Behavior

If owners of absolutely normal dogs are faced with a series of dispositions and laws (such as the ones about having a dog in a home, or the responsibility of the possession of animals), an owner of a so called "potentially dangerous dogs" has to fill and respect multiple laws and dispositions. If your dog is known to be a "dangerous" or "fierce" dog, you must have it registered. Now, as the regulations vary according to the districts and regions, and the concept of a "dangerous dog" may be of certain breeds only –in this case it's meaning of the potentially aggressive or extremely dangerous dogs- before acquiring a dog with these characteristics you may have to study the legislations and specific laws of your town or city council.

Generally, for these types of dogs, it is an obligation for them to wear a muzzle and a leash when they are in public places, this is authorized by the law and in agreement with the law for the protection of animals. If you are to change your location you must abide by the rules for owning dogs in that region.

The city council even has authority to establish higher taxes for the owners of "aggressive dogs", as well as demand the owner to take a psychosomatic exam, and go through his records as well as require his age.

Purchasing a dog and their Equipment

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