A Dog, the Best Medicine

Mans' best friend is also a type of medicine. Owning a dog helps maintain your spiritual and physical health. Many doctors recommend a dog as permanent therapy to fight paralysis and it's associated sicknesses. Moving contributes to elevating your hopes in life. A dog owner has to systematically walk the dog.

Doctors and psychologists are both in agreement that dogs are the best medicine against stress caused by every day professional stress. Dogs are important creators of the contact for the individuals' stress (not physically sick yet) who find themselves in difficult situation. Having a good contact with your dog helps to avoid the emotional, negative stages and bad vibes in your every day. The affectionate caresses that your dog gives you, helps to alleviate the feelings of apprehension and nervousness, and it's proven that their physical contact reduces blood pressure.

Even more important is what the dog represents to someone who has retired from their professional activity. Not only does it create a feeling of still being useful in a retired person, it also provides and requires every day contact. This is especially important in a time of isolation and early retirements.

The dog as a therapist

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