A Dog as Brother. A puppy for an only child.

With children at home, if well trained, dogs behave like saints; some breeds tolerate all kinds of "bad treatments", and others when fed up, just go away. It's very difficult for a dog to bite "his kid"; to do it he should be at the limit of exasperation.Unfortunately, some kids are totally capable of exasperating a dog hurting him, for instance, pulling his tail or ears. In that case, parents should intervene.

Overprotection: When a dog considers that the house kid is his puppy, he may over protect him. This should be stopped radically. The positive side of this over protection is that nobody can hurt the kid while the dog is there, and the negative side is that he could not allow parents to reprimand the kid. If the dog is uneasy, when you're arguing with your son, don't let him intervene. He must understand it's not his business.

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