A Dog that lives outdoors

To be able to have a dog in the open you must choose the adequate breed and you should have these few points in mind:

  • The more dense the hair and the skin of the dog is, the better it is for him to be out in the open;
  • A dog that is on the open must be accustomed to this sort of life at an early age.
  • No dog that belongs to a family should be 24/7 on the open. It needs a constant friendly contact and regular visits to make it feel like it belongs to the family.

The dog house should be big enough so that it can fit in it just right. It should be well padded and the dog should abstain from any tugs or hard pulls on the quilt. You can find a big variety of different houses and/or cages for your dog in dog stores or stores that are specialized in them.

A dog kennel, or dogs' home is just right for the owner or proprietor of a yard. It should be partially in the shade, it's flooring will be of dirt, to allow the dog to dig a hole ( as a natural bed for it). And on the top you will place sand, the cleanest you can find.

The Corner for dog food

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