A male dog's love life

The male dog does not, in theory, have a mating period, although in real life he does because his "great" moments are closely linked to when the neighboring female dogs are in heat. This can bring a lot of problems.If you let your dog run around freely, he will, undoubtedly, have more than one wonderful adventure, but will often return bitten, bruised and probably unstrung – that is if he returns! If you keep him locked up at home or in a kennel, he will suffer a lot whenever a neighboring female dog is on heat. His howling and whining will be heart wrenching, he will scratch on the doors and might refuse his food. Ever situation is different. If there aren't any dogs around, your dog will appear to be formal and tamed. All you need is one female dog in the neighborhood and you will have to bear with him twice a year. However, if you live in a densely female-dog-populated area, you will have to take some serious measures, both for you peace of mind and that of your neighbors.

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