A Man-Dog Society

Dogs are independent beings, even though they have adapted to man more than any other kind of animal. Men and dogs are partners. But for this kind of relationship to be realistic both parties must keep the right perspective and give each other their respective place. It's important that one does not consider the other as an alarm mechanism, a toy for it's children or as a status symbol, but as a companion, having in mind of course that the dog has a different kinds of behaviors and circumstances. Therefore as vast and as good as the relationship can seem with it's owner, dogs will always be dogs. It is considered as a "wild animal" born into a civilized world, therefore it has to integrate into the social structure of men. A strange specie that is able to connect and feel a great trust in men. For man takes care of feeding them, taking care of it's puppies, protects it from bad weather, heals it from diseases and, with exceptions, supplies it with a mate. Regardless, a dog maintains it's independence, something remarkable, (just like it's senses) ,which makes them different from man.

A Guard Dog
You're sitting in your house, reading a newspaper. Everything seems to be peaceful and in order. Your dog is asleep, when all of a sudden it lifts its head and starts growling. When the door bell rings it starts barking, even though it already knew a stranger was coming up to the house because of it's good hearing man trusts dogs as guards.

Observation About Canine Hearing
A dogs' hearing capability is much greater than mans', which is between 16000 and 20000 vibrations per second, while a dogs' is between 70000 and 100000 vibrations. The quiet dog whistle is ultrasonic and works because of the dogs' hearing capability. The dog has 17 muscles to move it's ears with, which work like radar to find sounds.

Observations About Canine Sense of Smell

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