A Puppy: Apartment or house with garden?

The size is not the only determinant factor to decide if a puppy can live in a floor or not. The German dogo, though being a huge dog, needs to live at a house, cause he has a vital necessity of human company, and because excessive outdoors kennel life usually hurts him.The west highland white terrier is much smaller, but is very rustic and can live in the garden. As all dogs likes human company, but he manages himself very well when he has to be alone. Other breeds, born and raised as shepherds, also like human company, but rather prefer other animals. They may be alone for days without trouble, like for instance, Spanish Mastiffs. To avoid some problems, before buying be informed about the physical and psychological needs of the breed we are interested in. Everything said is valid once the puppy has settle down at the new house and the new family, and feels safe and protected. When just arriving, he must be with us. We should pet him and allow him to explore the house. To take a puppy home and sending him to the garden immediately, though a proper place is prepared, is cruel, cause the animal lacks points of reference, and all he can do is to cry desperately. When entering a house for the first time, any puppy from whatever breed, will start smelling all the corners. Leave him to do so, this will help him to get use to his new home. If the animal's "explorations" end in "invasions", or cause damages, we can reprimand him with a clear and loud NO! When his exploration of the new home ends, the puppy could feel uneasy and start to moan. Then we should talk to him calmly; pet him for a while, but not excessively. Specially, don't rush to carry him in your arms whenever he cries, this could become a very difficult to correct bad habit.

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