A Puppy's First Night

Don't be alarmed if your puppy seems to have a hard time the first night in it's new house, even if you have provided a cozy, private and comfortable space for him. It's normal for puppies to miss the presence of their mother and the puppy will often times start crying or wimp. It won't help for you to call out to the puppy from the next room because in a few minutes he'll just start up again and probably do so in a more exaggerated way. Avoid yelling at the puppy so that he does not get more nervous about his new environment. The best option for the first night if your puppy is having a hard time, is to take his bed into your room so that he feels the presence of his new owners and this should make him calm down. Remember though, that this only applies for the first night, not the second. The next nights you can leave a T-shirt or any older clothing that has your odor on it, in the puppy's bed, as well as a couple toys. This time, don't pay any attention to the dog's complaining and whining, most likely the puppy will calm down in a little while. Never (unless you are ready to deal with the consequences) allow the puppy to get on your bed; he will never give up on that habit if you allow it.

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