Accidents with your dog

A dog that has been run over by a car has to be taken to the vet immediately. It is important that you help the dog to lie on its side to be transported, you never know if there is an internal injure or a broke bone. You can use a blanket to transport it. Do not move the dog too much, just slide it on the blanket and tie knots in the corners, with the help of another person, take the blanket by the knots and carry the dog into the car. Make sure it does not move. Run-over dogs are usually extremely shocked; they can even bite their owner.Insect bites: Your dog can also be limping because of an insect bite, maybe a bee. Dogs usually lick their paws as a reaction. Take a look at the bite; if the insect was a bee, then the stinger will be inside the skin still. Take it off and put some ice on the bite. Dogs can also be bitten in the mouth. Some dogs can be allergic to certain types of bites, so watch closely their reaction and if they have trouble for breathing or swallowing you have to take them to the vet.

Foreign objects in their mouth: Sometimes twigs or bones hurt dogs' mouths. In this case the dog will start breathing with its mouth open; the dog will start drooling excessively. First try to get the object out of the dog's mouth, and then take it to the vet.

Puppy Poisoning" If your dogs starts throwing up and has diarrhea poisoning is possible. Take the dog to the vet immediately.

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