Acquiring a Puppy

Am I ready for having a dog? Am I the right kind of a person to have a dog? What kind of dog would be most appropriate according to my lifestyle? These are the first questions you should ask yourself before thinking about the breed you're going to choose.

The dream of having a dog is neither mediocre nor comfortable, but it is a really nice one. The truth of the matter is that living with a dog will cause difficulties and will alter your entire way of living. So, and with the sole intention of helping you out, we invite you to take your time and conscientiously answer the following two tests:

Test 1
What sort of person am I?
(Tick all that apply)

I'm a calm and quiet person? (8)

I'm quite often noisy and I like to laugh. (4)

I'm nervous and I sometimes lose my patience. (2)

I'm able to dominate my impulses and nothing can me lose my patience. (7)

I always finish what I start. (6)

I often get bored and want to start with something new. (3)

I'm very organized – everything has to be in its place. (2)

I'm kind of laid back and even sometimes sloppy. (6)

I have an outstanding sense of judgment and I'm not biased. (5)

What I do tends to be dictated by my mood and preferences. (3)

I am, by nature, a very faithful person. (7)

My tendencies are somewhat unstable. (3)

I'm consistent in everything I set out to do, without being stubborn. (6)

I'm extremely stubborn; nothing can make me change my mind. (4)

I'm approachable and rarely say no to a request. (5)

Although I'm not a harsh person, I can refuse a request. (6)

Everything around me has to be clean and organized. (2)

I think a bit of dirtiness and disorder won't hurt anybody. (8)

Dogs, especially big ones, frighten me. (3)

I'm not afraid of dogs. (5)

Dogs don't frighten me; however, I am cautious when being around one I don't know. (7)

Sum of test 1 __________

Test 2

What's my life like? (Answer YESorNO to the following questions)

Do you work and live alone? Yes (0) No (5)

Can you take your dog to work? Yes (4) No (0)

Do you frequently have to leave the dog at home alone for more than hours? Yes (0) No (5)

Do you lead a relaxing life and have plenty of free time? Yes (6) No (3)

Do you have to walk with a baby stroller or a small child? Yes (2) No (5)

Do you like going out for walks? Yes (5) No (2)

If the previous answer was yes, would it still be yes even if it's windy and/or raining? Yes (4) No (0)

Can you dedicate 2 hours every day to your dog? Yes (6) No (0)

Are you going to have a lot of free time next year? Will it be a relaxed year? Yes (6) No (0)

Can you easily give up going to the movies or discos during some time, or even forever? Yes (8) No (3)

Would you be willing to suspend a vacations trip? Yes (8 No (2)

Sum of test 2 ___________

Sum of test 1 and 2 ___________

Test results:

  • 48 points or less: Don't buy a dog or accept one as a gift. It might be that you have good intentions but you're not fit for sharing your life with a dog.
  • 49-80 points: Think it over. If you have obtained most of the low points in the test that reflects you life style, try conforming to a bird or a cat. These animals can be left alone for longer periods and more frequently that a dog can. And, you don't need to take them out for walks.
  • 81-100 points: You'll have a good time with your dog as long as you don't have to leave him alone for more than eight hours every day.
  • 101-120 points: The dog will be very happy and taken care of with you if he doesn't have to be eight hours alone every day.
  • 121 point or more: If you haven't cheated in the tests, you are the ideal person to have a dog. It's a pity, though, that you don't have one yet. What are you waiting for? Go look for the one that can best fill that void.

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