Administrative Medications to a Dog

Dust; mix the medication in a cut up meat ball, then stick it the furthest you can in it's mouth, making sure it'll swallow it.
Compressed; open the dogs mouth, pull it's chin down and pull it's tongue out a little, then you place it the closest you can get to the base of the tongue. Having done this, you keep it's mouth close, a few loving stokes and the dog will get distracted and end up swallowing the compressed tablets. Another method is: slice a hotdog in half, place the tablet in the middle and then give the dog one big bite.

Liquid; let the drops fall on the tip of it's tongue or behind it's fangs. Second method: slightly pull on one of the sides of it's mouth to form a hallow space in which you allow the drops to fall, drop by drop. It's better if the dogs' head is held facing up. Third method: again, slightly pull on one of the sides of it's mouth, and with a syringe you introduce the liquid directly into it's mouth.

Suppository; it's recommendable to have a helper. While your helper is holding it and keeping it calm you introduce the suppository, slowly and all the way into it's intestine. Then you put pressure on it's tail to it's anus to avoid that the dog expels the suppository.

Drops in the Ear
To place drops in the dogs' ear is the same procedure as cleaning them with a wet cloth. Whoever is to do this has to sit directly in front of the dog, dog seated as well. Lift the tip of it's ear in such a way that you can see the auditory conduct. Then place the drops the furthest you possibly can and let the drops fall in. In the case with dogs it is very hard for you to harm the eardrum for the auditory conduct is formed in a straight angle. Later turn the external tip forward leaving the ear covered, massage it well so that the medication can be distributed throughout all the conduct. Then you have to move away a little because the dog will shake it's head and a bit of the medication will come out, this is why it is better to do this out in the open or in a spacious room.

How to Apply Eye drops: Slightly lift the dogs' head and try to keep it there. Lift the eyelid and put the drops( from above) over the lower eyelid.

Agitation and Alteration of Behavior

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