Advice for Parents Whose Children Already Fear Dogs

Never push him to approach a dog, but give him an example: pet the dog , play with him, but never push your son to do the sameBe sure your kid watches films where dogs are the good ones. Explain the kid that it's not good to runaway from a dog. If the kid is too little, and instinct is before reason, he must be conditioned, trying to relate him with dogs with good temper and completely safe (small size for a start). This way, what etologos call "learning by dissuasion" is initiated: the kid stops fearing an X stimulus (in this case the dog) as long as this experience shows him that stimulus is totally inoffensive. For this learning of "the two legs puppy" better choose adult or old dogs (very peaceful), never opt for young dogs that will scare the kid when trying to play with him. The elected dog must be quiet, indifferent, almost dull. In serious cases and with small kids, you can start with a teddy bear.

How to Approach an Unknown Dog. A kid should follow these suggestions:

  • do not run towards him (he could feel threatened), but walk calmly;
  • once at his side, don't look him directly to his eyes (he could feel challenged);
  • allow him to smell your hand, so he starts knowing you.

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