Advice for Parents with Kids that fear Dogs

Kids that fear of dogs may have a personal stories behind it (for example, a drama when he was kid), but 99% of dogs, from all breeds, are totally inoffensive.Avoid shouting and rough movements, when the kid spontaneously approaches an unknown dog; this could make the animal believe the kid is a menace to him. Don't ever tell the kid things like "don't touch him or he will bite you", or "don't touch him, is full of fleas", that apart from inducing the kid to fear, are not true. Fleas, if there are, rather prefer to be on the dog's mantle, and hardly pass to a man, which blood is less appetizing. Regarding the danger of being bite, remember that a biting dog walking next to his owner, with a leash, usually will have a muzzle on his snout. If he hasn't is because he does not bites, and there's no reason for fear. Regarding vagabond dogs, is hard to guess their character. Any way as they are not subject to a leash, if they dislike children, they just go away. Explain the kid he should not run or shout when facing a dog. If you don't want to talk him about the danger of being bite, you may use other ways. It's better not to talk of this risk till the kid is six years old, when is capable of understanding the problem, without being caught by the "ferocious wolf psychosis".

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