Aggression by Female Dog In Heat

A femaledog mother can become very aggressivewhile in heat or later to protect her puppies, something that is very common and present in all the animal kingdom in response to maternal instinct. The first thing that must be determined in these kinds of cases is the relationship that actually exists between the dog and the owner. You need to find out if there has been something specific other than being in heat that caused the dog to behave aggressively, such as if the owner ignored the dog when she needed him or her, if she was punished too strongly etc. These little acts are very important for the dog and the birth of her babies will cause her to become excessively jealous. It's always advisable for the owner to sit next to his or her dog while she is in labor to calm her down and help her in case some inconvenience were to occur where you would need to call the veterinarian etc. This type of care will also help the dog and to owner to connect more.

Female dogs and their puppies: There are certain precautions that must be taken if a female dog becomes aggressive towards you grabbing her puppies. Keep in mind that the level of anxiety and aggression varies in function of the level of proximity you are in, so you will need to get closer to her little by little until the dog becomes used to your presence. Remember that you will need to do this slowly, talk to her lovingly and not make any sudden movements so as to not scare her. As you go getting closer to her talk to her and encourage her but don't by any means touch her puppies until you are sure she is relaxed and comfortable with your presence. Little by little you can try to touch her puppies but make sure to not move them from her side if the female dogs seem uneasy. Make sure her expressions show full confidence in you. Don't try to take one of her puppies without her consent as it might cause her to become aggressive. Most importantly praise and encourage her for the job well done.

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