Aggressive Male Dogs

Aggressiveness between two male dogs generally occurs when they both have a dominating character for things like maintaining hierarchies, competitive situations like getting a female dog in heat, territorial, or in response to adversities that occurred during growth that have left deep impressions on the dog emotionally. Even though these aggressions comprise of customary demeanors such as those of submission they acquire by evolution, some puppies seem to lack it, and because of this they do not seem to have instinctive brakes to stop an aggression when their opponent shows it. Dogs like this don't respond to their owners when they tell them to stop, even though in every other aspect they are obedient and loving. There are two main situations that cause male dogs to fight, one where the dogconfronts a strange dog on the street or when two male dogs live together in the same house. In the first of these situations, it could be due to negative consequences that occurred during the dog's development such as of aggression or by having gotten bit by other dogs, and instead of getting scared the dog gave face; obviously this occurs when the owner without realizing it, reinforces the dog to continue on with this indiscriminate aggression. When two male dogs live together, peaceful living is something relative since there can be conflicts caused by social hierarchy, preferences, jealously etc. These confrontations are risky for the animals and in some rare occasions for the owner who tries to separate them as well. It's pretty obvious that these fights have a genetic base, intervening with multiple stimulus and experiences that cause them to happen. These types of dogs can be controlled through modification of their conducts.

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