Aggressive Puppy Behavior

Aggressive puppies and what to do about them. If your puppy shows himself to be aggressive toward other dogs, you will need to take care of aggressive puppy behavior and problems before he reaches adulthood as this type of behavior can turn into a very dangerous and serious problem. This type of problem usually presents itself due to a bad experience the puppy had in the first weeks of its life. This is why it is so important to observe the puppy's behavior with other puppies or dogs making sure he does not get involved in fights where he could end up getting not only physically but psychologically hurt as well. The result of these bad experiences leads a puppy or dog to become aggressive. If you have a natural barker that always barks at other dogs passing by, don't pull on him tightly with the leash, leave it slightly loose. When a dog or puppy feels like they are getting pulled or retained, they bark even more and it only increases their aggressiveness. Watch and keep an eye on the other dog if he does not manifest any signals of wanting to fight, allow the two dogs to smell each other so that the puppy's is able to see that the other dog or puppy does not have any aggressive intentions against him, reverting the attitude the puppy would have had otherwise. If and after the puppies have gotten to accept each other, you can them allow your puppy to play with the other one if the puppy shows interest in doing so, otherwise, continue to go along your way. It's very important that the owner does not get nervous or scared when seeing other dogs while out. This type of fear can and will transmit to the puppy and he will take it on as a sign of aggression. Once a puppy gets used to indiscriminate aggression when he reaches adulthood, it will be a real headache for the owner to stop the dog since the dog will always have a defensive behavior and constantly tense. There are dog owners that laugh at their puppies when they aggressively bark at another dog that is twice their size and age. Laughing at this behavior can have very bad consequences, as this is motivating that puppy to continue causing him to adopt indiscriminate aggressiveness. Dogs that aggressively bark at other dogs that are on the other side of a door does not necessarily mean they are or will be aggressive with them. All they are doing is simply defending their territory and letting the other dog know loud and clear.

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