Aging in Dog

The friendship of a dog is something marvelous. Logically, we all wish to enjoy it as much time as possible. Although we know dogs will eventually age, we are scared when they enter old age. As he enters this phase, he will do things at a slower pace. He will not get up immediately, but think if it's worth the effort. His energy and strength decreases, he will rest more often and sleep more. As opposed to humans, a dog does not become senile. Dogs are not afraid to age. So why are we afraid when our dog becomes old?

Back in the day, owners tried to avoid their dogs from aging. An old dog's incompetence toward work, a decrease in their ability to react quickly or the deterioration of their health was a death sentence. Nowadays, we mostly own dogs for their company. We have a strong connection and an affectionate relationship with our dogs. For any owner, it would be unimaginable to sacrifice a dog simply because he has become old. Now that we have embraced our dogs as our companions, we consider them human. Aging-Dog

Our worry about our dog's old age comes from the attitude we take towards our own aging. Our modern view toward aging is difficult, and concern over physical illness or the diminishing of our mental capacity afflicts us. It is uncommon to see old age as something beautiful, significant or interesting. All these feelings are transmitted to our old canine friend due to the strong connection we share with him. As human beings we have the advantage of preparing ourselves in taking precautions and measures to make our dogs feel great about aging. Dog Age FAQ

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