Agitation and Alteration of Dog Behavior

Mans' best friend can also suffer psychiatric problems. Our every day agitations, different ways of stress, inconveniences of modern life have a big affect on a lot of dogs, to a point that it can change their natural behavior. These alterations can be distinguished in:

  • aggressiveness with other dogs;
  • destructive nature in the house;
  • panic to noise and objects;
  • exaggerated watching with constant barking;
  • chasing runner, cyclists and cars;
  • fear of other dogs;
  • terror of loneliness.

It's important to analyze the causes to start an effective treatment. It is very usual that psychological sicknesses may be congenital or from an organic origin. Many behavior alterations are due to a lack of education or unfortunate experiences. Veterinarians and dog trainers, specially trained in behavior therapy are qualified to treat these conditions. In this case determined education techniques, therapeutic plans and medication are used. Here is a list of human behavior which can cause psychological sicknesses in dogs and therefore should be avoided.

  • Large dog in a small house: If you don't walk the dog for at least 2 hours a day it's instincts may degenerate.
  • Mood swings: when the owner has different mood stages the dog doesn't understand and gets agitated.
  • Sudden reduction of walks means it's territory has gotten smaller and the dog reacts with incomprehension.
  • Irregular life: a dog needs it's owner to have fixed customs like eating and walking at the same time every day.
  • Family life changes caused by marriage problems, temporary separation or divorce can cause sickness in the dog.
  • Leaving the dog aside when a child is born it causes jealousy.
  • Lack of authority and excessively tolerant education: in many cases the dog acts with aggressiveness because it's missing a leader. A dog must be treated correctly and sternly and never thoughtlessly.

Dog Death and Old Age

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