Amazing Facts about Dogs

Some of the most amazing facts about dogs are listed below here.

  • Dogs have social and impulsive internal structures that are similar to those of human being's, and this allows us to understand their behavior.
  • Many dog owners treat their dogs the wrong way as if they were children when the truth is that dogs are a completely different species.
  • All dogs have a strong need to be around others whether it is humans or other animals and if they are isolated from social contact, they can start escaping from the house or their behavior changes in search of attention from the owner.
  • A dog's sense of smell is about thirty seven times stronger than ahuman's.
  • The areas of the brain that process the signals that come from the dogs nose are much bigger in size and complex than those same areas in the human mind.
  • Fearful dogs tend to have problems capturing and communicating messages to other dogs and this often times leads to a fight.
  • When a dog wags his tail it means the dog is excited. This does not mean though, that the dog is trying to be friendly, and it is important to learn how to interpret the rest of the dog's body language before getting close to a dog that is wagging his tail.
  • Some signals dogs do such as inclining themselves and bending their front legs are seen in all dogs around the world. These types of universal signals do not need to be learned because dogs everywhere understand them.
  • Dogs that are well trained learn to adjust their behavior in order to be accepted by other dogs.
  • Compared to children, dogs have less capacity to understand the sounds and signs and it is very difficult for them to learn words like "Sit", "Heel" etc.

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