And That is How Our Dog Pepo Died

Pepito our Basset Hound, was visited one day by the veterinarian, who gave us very little hope. He was very calm and quite, he just went to the yard and through himself on the grass. On Monday night he came to my wife and fell asleep right next to her. During two whole days he hadn't wagged his tail at all, except the last 10 minutes before dying, when another dog came into the waiting room of the veterinarian office.We held Pepo in our arms when they put the injection in. He fell asleep quickly and peacefully, but you could see how, it seemed as if his face would age by the minute. The rest of his body laid weak and limp, his legs bent in an angular shape. On the way back home I sat with him in the back seat, but my words of comfort were of no good anymore. I wrapped him in the blanket that he used for so many years. In the moment of saying goodbye I could feel him closer than ever. Through my tears I could see what a good and faithful dog our Pepo had been.

Dog's Nature and Sense of Smell

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