Answering to Orders

When your dog is playing with other dogs, control him with verbal and physical orders. You always have to be the one who controls the dog. When you are going to leave your house, use hand signs -- besides the verbal ones -- to order the dog to sit. Then approach him and put the leash on.

Possession Conflicts
Avoid conflicts amongst dogs caused by bones and other desirable objects either by not giving them to the dogs or by doing that in separate rooms. Many dogs instinctively want what the other dog has, even if they have exactly the same thing and most of them will fight for the bones as well as for any other chewable objects.

The Opposite Gender
It is less probable for dogs from different genders than from same genders to fight. The same goes for dogs that are notoriously of a different age and size. The first encounters should be done with both dogs on their leashes.

The Same Gender
Be careful when two dogs of the same size and gender get together. Don't let your dog pull the leash because this can cause aggressiveness. Congratulate your dog if he stays quiet.

A New Dog at Home
A new dog is a potential threat for the territory of the dog that is already installed. You should never let a newly arrived puppy loose in front of the oldest one because the latter can find the new puppy disgusting and even provocative. Program the encounter when both dogs are quiet and relaxed and reward the oldest one for his obedience in front of the newly arrived. Feed both of them in the same room, trying to keep them from seeing each other. Give each dog his own bed, placed in a private corner. Keep on rewarding the oldest one first and try not to change his routines.

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