Anxiety Due to Separation

Mistrustful dogs, especially the ones that were collected from dog shelters are more likely to bark, dig and destroy things when they are left alone. These insecure animals need to be treated with extra kindness, because the side effects of their anxiety require time to heal.

During the next couple of weeks, go increasing the periods of separation, leaving the dog alone with a toy you have previously rubbed with your hands. Punish the dog in the moment he misbehaves, not later. If you don't do it in the right moment, you will confuse your dog.

When your Dog Jumps up to the Face
Puppies welcome their mother by jumping up in order to lick their face. Sometimes dogs, especially teenage dogs, around six and eighteen months of age, try to do the same with people when they get excited.

Don't encourage your dog's natural inclination to jump; instead, slapp him on his tights and raise your voice when you arrive home and he does this. Tell your children not to make exaggerated gestures with their hands. If you act calmly, it is probable that your dog will do the same.

Jumping for Excitement
Dogs tend to jump more often when they are excited. When they get home; when you have the leas in your hand; when a visitor comes to your house; all those things can make your dog want to jump.

Although this kind of behavior is more common in young dogs, dogs that lack stimulation can also do it. Therefore, the way to avoid this is by making your dog do a lot of exercise.

1. You should start out by correcting your dog's tendency to jump by reinforcing his obedience to the "sit" and "quiet" orders. Instead of using a negative order as "get out", go into the room and order him to "sit". Don't raise your voice or move your arms in a violent way because both things can stimulate your dog.

2. Reward your dog when he sits down when you order him to, but don't pet his head, because he might try to lick your face. Instead, get down to his level, pet him energetically on his flanks or under the chin and congratulate him for being quiet. Practice this exercise until the dog stops jumping.

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