Positive Behavior Reinforcement. Appearance Principle

Reward: This method is called "positive reinforcement". Consists in ignoring bad behavior, and to pet the dog or giving him some candy when he behaves well. The animal will associate the owner's joy with the correct behavior.Association: The dog is associated with another one so he can start copying his behavior. This method is used with young shepherd or hunting dogs, that for the first time use to go with the older ones. We will not talk here about methods base on medicines that should be prescribed and revised by veterinarian.

Medical Cares: To educate a puppy means also to attend his medical needs. Here are some advices to follow at the slightest sign of abnormality.

Discovering symptoms
Take temperature

  • use a digital thermometer
  • spread it with grease
  • introduce it deeply: other way temperature will not be precise
  • Normal temperature is of 38.5 °C

Watch the Mucous: pull the lower eyelid. Pink mucous: normal. White or yellow: abnormal

Touch the Abdomen: Place a hand both sides of the abdomen: it must not have pain.

Watch Urine and Feces: Watch the color of urine.
Pick it up with a cotton for veterinarian analysis
Pick up feces with absorbing paper

Dehydration Signs: Skin Folds: Catch the skin from the next and then leave it. If it turns back to his place he is fine. If folding remains he is dehydrated; use a syringe to give him water.

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