Are females Dogs more prone to urinary infections than males?

Yes, because their urethras are shorter than those of males. When infection grows, causing cystitis, bladder inflammation. Cystitis causes frequent urination, and requires antibiotic treatment. This infection could derive in the developing of calculus in the bladder, technically known as gallstones. Symptoms depend, on one side, of the region where obstruction has taken place. Of course will be problems to urinate and will be painful. Maybe a special X Ray contrast technique will be necessary to locate the problem, and once detected treatment can be prescribed. Some gallstones can be dragged through the region, or dislodged with a canula, but in prone dogs, reappearances will be normal. Different kinds of antibiotics can also help to cure this infection, but it could be a genetic inclination to these gallstones, like in case of theDalmatian, due to metabolic defects. Other breeds prone to these calculus, are theDachshundand the Welsh dog, as well as theBasset.

Hearing and Sight Problems

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